Why His Dark Materials Fans Should Be Excited About Getting More Than One Episode Per Week, According To The EP

His Dark Materials is on the verge of returning for the third and final season to pick up where the Season 2 cliffhangers left off, with war on the horizon, multiple worlds to travel, and Will and Lyra exploring some more adult storylines. Readers of Philip Pullman’s The Amber Spyglass will know that the show has a lot to pack into the remaining episodes, but fans watching on HBO won’t have to watch just one per week to see how the story ends. The network will air two episodes per week, and executive producer Jane Tranter has explained why that’s an exciting prospect. 

Season 3 of His Dark Materials is comprised of eight episodes, and HBO is departing from how the first two seasons were released and airing two episodes per week. So, instead of having to go through eight weeks to get to what is bound to be an epic conclusion, viewers will only have to go through four. 

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