Wait, T.J. Holmes Allegedly Had Another Affair On The GMA Set Before Amy Robach?

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach have been lighting up the TV schedule with their work on GMA 3: What You Need To Know for some time now. However, the two have taken things a step further and reportedly began an affair, though both split with their partners a few months back and the timeline on that front is a little unclear. While Holmes separated from his wife earlier this year, reports now indicate there may have been an affair he was involved in on the GMA set before he was ever seen “grabbing” Amy Robach’s butt. 

According to the latest round of reports in this GMA saga, Holmes may have been seeing a GMA producer as far back as 2017, when he was still a correspondent for Good Morning America. At the time, he was still traveling for work a lot, which is when he allegedly met up with his co-workerNatasha Singh. The two reportedly had an affair lasting for three years on the set. She left the show in 2017. 

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