Universal Orlando’s New Epic Universe Park May Have A Very Unusual Design, But It Could Be Amazing

While it’s a big deal whenever any theme park unveils a brand new attraction, that happens basically every year at the major parks. What doesn’t happen every year is an entirely new theme park, which is why fans have their eye on Universal Orlando Resort as its third park, Epic Universe, is set to open in 2025. And when it does, it may be unlike most other parks of its kind. 

While there’s a lot that we think we know about what Epic Universe will be when it opens to the public, only the planned Super Nintendo Land has ever been officially confirmed. One interesting rumor, however, is that the park may include an “open hub”. Which is to say that part of the park might be available for guests to visit without a ticket. Recent comments by Comcast CEO Jeff Shell at the UBS Investor Conference (via Scott Gustin) would seem to lend credence to the rumor, as he recently explained that the park is actually built for guests to visit one land and not the whole thing. Shell said…

That park is close to the convention center, so it’s an interesting experiment for us. We believe we can get the attendance we need just on the basis of the demand in the market, but it’s also going to be interesting to see as the convention business comes back, the park is built so that you can come into one land and not the whole park, then are we going to get night time convention business?

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