The Request Dwayne Johnson Had For Lorne Michaels Before Hosting SNL For The First Time

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s domination in Hollywood has been two decades strong with Black Adam becoming another successful blockbuster on his impressive resume despite being dethroned by Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. But it wasn’t always that way as Johnson was a superstar in a different arena – wrestling. While the wrestling world was filled with soapy drama and outrageous storylines, his phone wasn’t exactly ringing with offers from Hollywood. All that changed when he got the chance to host Saturday Night Live in 2000. The then-WWE superstar received rave reviews following his first time as a host. However, before taking on the gig, the Black Adam star had a specific request for Lorne Michaels.

Of course, Johnson is now a five-time host with his most recent appearance in 2017. But in March 2000, the first-time host only had a few TV appearances outside of the wrestling ring, including a notable guest role on Star Trek Voyager. He recalled receiving the phone call from SNL creator Lorne Michaels and it being “one of the easiest yeses” he ever gave. While the call was an automatic “yes,” The Rock mentioned to E! News the one request he did have for the SNL’s head honcho after hitting the SNL stage.

I said, ‘I would love if we could take a crack at not doing any skits where I’m a wrestler. ‘I would like to play as many characters as possible that aren’t wrestlers because I am a wrestler, and I play a wrestler every week.’

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