The Dane Cook Quote People Repeat To Him Most In Public

Dane Cook’s peak relevance in pop culture happened to align with my time in high school. My peers and I would quote him back then… often. The profanity-laden silliness of the high-energy stand-up comedian was just too much to resist. The classics included “fuck bees,” “fuck this game,” and, of course, the crowd favorite quote, “fuck shoes.” If a fan were to see Dane in the wild, there’s many options to let the man know his bits live rent-free in your brain, but there’s one in particular that he gets most often, and it’s for good reason. 

I recently caught up with Dane Cook to discuss his new special Above It All, and he commented on the way people quote his own material to him in public:

If anybody’s coming to a party, if I’m having a party, they tell me, ‘I hope nobody shits on the coats.’ A line that I would be like, if you said name something that’s, you know, going to be there in 15 or 20 years, that would not have been on my short list. There’s probably about, honestly, there’s about 10 to 15 things that I hear.

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