Netflix Exec Opens Up About Choosing Chris Rock For Its Milestone Upcoming Live Special

Netflix has been a leader in the streaming content game for a while now and has always been interested in finding different ways to expand its catalogue of content. Its comedy specials have certainly caught on, with many comedians gaining a following through hour-long, stand-up fare on the streaming platform. Now, the company is experimenting with the capabilities of its service as well as the comedy special format by premiering its first live show with comedian Chris Rock. An exec recently opened up about the production and why Rock was specifically chosen for it. 

Netflix EMEA boss Larry Tanz shared some keen thoughts while talking about why the company was interested in expanding into live entertainment and using Chris Rock as the talent for the experiment. Clearly Rock was one of the favorite options for the live show, and it would seem that the “Netflix Is a Joke” festival was a big reason for this endeavor. Tanz explained:

It’s our first attempt at live. And who better to do it with than Chris Rock? And it’s also coming off the back of ‘Netflix Is a Joke,’ which is this awesome live comedy festival that we ran in LA. Fluffy Yglesias sold out Dodger Stadium, it’s incredible. So Chris Rock will be live, we’ll learn a lot from it, I think, we’ll then have a live capability up and running. And then I think we can apply live to a lot of different things.

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