Megan Fox Drops Photos Of A Daring Outfit And Apparently Side Butt Is The Latest Thing

At this point Megan Fox is almost as synonymous for daring fashion as she is for movie roles like Jennifer’s Body and Transformers. The actress has lit up the red carpet in recent years (as well as varying other events) with looks including a bright blue see-through skirt, a pants-free blazer ensemble, and that doesn’t even include the disco hot pants she rocked for Beyoncé’s big birthday shindig this year. Now, she’s back in an outfit proving side butt is the latest trend.

In an Instagram post, Megan Fox opens up about having to attend two events in one night. For one of the events she wore a glam white strapless look, but for the other event she went a whole lot more outside-the-box, choosing a black fishnet getup with some silk pieces providing some coverage. 

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