Kate Middleton Paid Stunning Tribute To Princess Diana While Visiting Boston

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, has spent a lot of her time as part of the Royal family attending to engagements with her husband Prince William. While she’s shown her own grace and fashion sense on the world stage, the Duchess of Cambridge has also paid homage to Princess Diana over the years. This was true once more during her recent trip to the U.S. with husband Prince William, in which she showed off a choker her husband’s mother had worn.

Prince William and Kate were in the States, specifically Boston, this week. The two attended a slew of events on their Boston tour, including meeting up with Mayor Wu, attending a Celtics game and visiting Harvard University.  Among these events was the Earthshot Prize Awards, in which Princess Kate wore a green dress (she’d rented, per Page Six) and a green choker that had been loaned to Diana by Queen Elizabeth II. 

The look was a reminder of a green choker on green dress look Princess Diana had herself worn with the notable piece of jewelry. Although, it’s perhaps not as notable as the time the late Princess wore the green sparkler as a headband rather than a choker. 

famous choker of Queen Elizabeth II's

(Image credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage and Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

As for the Solace London look Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge wore, the exact silhouette may be elusive, but the green color is a popular one for the brand. Contemporary (and slightly more approachable) looks in the color can be found at places like Revolve (opens in new tab) and at Net-a-Porter, which does still offer an off-the-shoulder glam dress (opens in new tab).) I particularly like this one in the vivid “bright green” shade.

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