Jennifer Lopez Revealed Which Of Her Classic Films She Wants To Get A Sequel, And You May Be Surprised

Who would have known that when Jennifer Lopez began her career as a Fly Girl in 1991 on the hit comedy sketch show In Living Color, she would go on to be a worldwide megastar? Since her time on that show, Lopez has become one of the most successful and globally recognized singers and actresses. With numerous hit songs and starring roles in films, JLo’s movies have become colossal box-office successes while winning fan devotion and acclaim. So if the actress and singer had her way about it, what movie from her iconic filmography would she make a sequel to? Well, the answer may shock you.

JLo recently appeared on Vogue’s 73 Questions video series, where she was asked which of her movies the star would most like to make a sequel of. With a teapot in hand, the star didn’t miss a bit, as she responded with a resounding Gigli. This answer will undoubtedly leave some longtime fans scratching their heads because the 2003 romantic comedy movie was critically panned upon its release — and CinemaBlend didn’t rate it highly, either.

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