Jamie Lee Curtis’ First Comment To The Directors After The Everything Everywhere All At Once World Premiere Was Hilarious And Spot On

Among 2022’s movie releases, The Daniels’ Everything Everywhere All At Once remains among this year’s most memorable offerings  – could it even be among the next Best Picture nominees? Unlike many contenders for the best of 2022 that are just being introduced to audiences, the trippy multiverse movie has been on our lips throughout most of the year, starting with its rousing premiere at SXSW back in March. And as The Daniels recently reflected about its first audiences, they were reminded of a great reaction from Jamie Lee Curtis. 

When the Everything Everywhere All At Once filmmakers spoke to CinemaBlend’s podcast, ReelBlend, on its latest episode, they recalled their memories at the Austin, Texas premiere. Daniel Kwan had this to say:  

The moment the film finished and we were walking backstage, I felt something I’d never felt before, which was this deep contentment, this deep fulfillment. Because we were backstage, and Jamie Lee Curtis had never seen the movie before, and she looked at me, and she was bawling – there were just tears on her face – and she said, ‘OK, I finally understand the movie.’ (laughs) Which was incredible, just to have someone like her be the first person I talk to after this movie – a veteran who has done this so many times, and seen this process so many times – to see her shook was incredible.

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