James Bond Director Marc Forster Shares His Emotional Opinion Of Daniel Craig’s Fate In No Time To Die

As No Time To Die put a final, emotional punctuation on the Daniel Craig era of James Bond movies, the reaction was quite varied. Most saw the ending to the 25th 007 adventure as a bittersweet coda, while others reacted as if it was one of the series’ worst decisions. However, when it came to the reaction of Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster, only one word came to mind when he shared his opinion: “sad.” 

Speaking with Forster on behalf of his new film, the Sony/Tom Hanks dramedy A Man Called Otto, our own Sean O’Connell asked the filmmaker that helped define the Daniel Craig Bond films about the still shocking finale. Much like the world at large, the man admitted to CinemaBlend that he didn’t know anything about this outcome. Which allowed Marc Forster to share the following reaction:

I didn’t know it, so it was very unexpected when I saw it. And I saw it before it was out in the public. So I was taken by surprise, like everyone else. And you know, I have this love of Bond, so I don’t want Bond to be killed. I want Bond to go on and live forever. But I think it was a bold choice and I’m sure Daniel and Barbara and Michael, they all discussed it. I thought there was definitely the shock value. It was also emotional, and made me sad. But, you know, there will be another 007. There has to be. … I have some people who are very angry, or upset. It didn’t make me upset. I just was more saddened because I didn’t want Bond to die.

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