In A Time Of Layoffs And Restructures, AMC Just Canceled A Series It Had Already Renewed

As of late, the TV industry has been experiencing a pretty rough time, one filled with cutbacks and layoffs. When it comes to networks, such circumstances can have negative impacts on a programming slate. Rare situations even see previously-renewed shows get the axe, and that very thing just happened at AMC. The network changed its plans for a certain science-fiction show that centered on a moon colony.

Freshman dystopian series Moonhaven got the green light for a second season less than a month after it premiered on AMC+ in July. However, AMC Networks’ aforementioned corporate shifts (which include CEO Christina Spade’s decision to step down) have resulted in the show’s cancellation, according to Deadline. This likely comes as a major blow for fans, especially since the series reportedly generated strong numbers after its debut. Ironically, he network celebrated that very accomplishment ahead of the renewal as well.

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