How Dog The Bounty Hunter Has Been Paying Tribute To Longtime Friend David Robinson Following His Death

Death can always be hard to deal with, especially when you’ve lost someone that you were incredibly close with. Duane Chapman, known more commonly as Dog the Bounty Hunter, said that he was “shocked and saddened” when he learned of the death of his co-star and “right-hand man” David Robinson. Through the grief though, the reality star is making a point to honor his pal and is doing so by sharing photos with his fans via social media. 

Dog the Bounty Hunter hopped on Instagram in the days following David Robinson’s death and paid tribute to him by sharing some memories of his friend. Dog didn’t immediately opt to share a photo from Dog’s Most Wanted or one showing the two of them on the job. Instead, he went for something a little more casual. Take a look:

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