Firefly Lane’s Katherine Heigl Was A Little Weirded Out The First Time An Intimacy Coordinator Was On Set, But Says She Changed Her Tune

Following various reports of sexual misconduct in the workplace coming to light in the past few years, including in Hollywood, intimacy coordinators have become more routinely found on the sets of movies and television shows, including Firefly Lane. With Season 2 of the Netflix series among the streamer’s latest releases, Katherine Heigl has recently spoken about her own first encounter with an intimacy coordinator.

The reaction to intimacy coordinators has yielded mixed results as they’ve been utilized on more sets in recent years. Here is Heigl’s take: 

The industry has really changed since I first started out. An example: For Firefly Lane, we had an intimacy coordinator on set — a person whose job it is to ensure that actors feel comfortable during intimate scenes. She’d talk to directors, producers, whoever, and say, ‘This is what they’ll do, and this is what they won’t’ — and then the actors don’t get asked again. I’d never even heard of that before.

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