Chestnut Trailer Previews the Natalia Dyer-Led LGBTQ+ Movie

ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive Chestnut trailer for the upcoming LGBTQ+ movie from writer and director Jac Cron. The film is set to continue its festival run this all with Newfest-NY among others in October, followed by its theatrical release.

What is Chestnut about?

“A recent graduate becomes entangled in a relationship with a man and a woman during her summer after college. A recent graduate becomes entangled in a relationship with a man and a woman during her summer after college.”

Check out the exclusive Chestnut trailer on YouTube below (watch more trailers):

Chestnut was written and directed by Jac Cron. The film stars Natalia Dyer, Danny Ramirez, Rachel Keller, Chella Man, Caleb Eberhardt, Haniq Best, Jeff Mark, Penny O’Brien, John Jezior, Lauren LaVera, and more. It was produced by Lizzie Shapiro and Lexi Tannenholtz.

“A lot of the inspiration behind this story for me was liminal periods in life– that in-between time where it doesn’t quite seem like big things are happening, but everything is shifting below the surface. I think people can get stuck focusing on the big events or milestones in life and sometimes forget how monumental space to rest or reflect is. This story is a lot about loss, change, and newness and how that all connects to falling in love for the first time as a young adult,” said Cron.

“I experienced a lot of these feelings and emotions during the summer after my graduation where I felt like life was just beginning, but there was also no clear-cut ending to the former me. The path forward isn’t so obvious as people make it seem and it involved a lot of self-discovery on my part, which was largely influenced by the people around me at that time.

“Something really important for me while preparing to make this movie was to have people in it who understood these more nuanced and complex emotions. Natalia Dyer was always my first choice for Annie for that reason. I so easily saw how much she came from a place of understanding and empathy, which was so necessary to carry this film- being able to understand how this character feels and moves through her world in a delicate and nuanced way is what brought this story to life.”

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