Avatar’s Stephen Lang Reveals Exactly How His Character Is Being Revived For The Way Of Water

Since the official release of Avatar: The Way of Water‘s gorgeous trailer, anticipation has begun to grow for the upcoming Disney movie. Although the film’s plot is still heavily guarded, what we know about the Avatar sequel is that the original film’s big bad, Colonel Miles Quaritch (played terrifyingly by Stephen Lang), is set to return, albeit in the form of an avatar. And the actor has gotten very specific about how his character is revived in the highly anticipated follow-up.

While talking to Empire Magazine, Stephen Lang dropped some very interesting details on how Quaritch is being brought back for the James Cameron-directed film. According to the Don’t Breathe star, the cigar-munching villain will be brought back by the evil RDA cooperation as a genetically-engineered autonomous avatar, known in the movie as a Recom [short for Recombinant]. One big question about this, of course, is whether or not the character will still have his memories when he’s revived. Lang revealed the answer:

He’s a genetically-engineered autonomous avatar. He has been downloaded with the mind, the emotions, and even more interestingly, possibly the spirit of Quaritch. Now, that’s all pretty esoteric stuff. He comes with a full memory bank up until the time he actually undergoes the DNA transfer. So there are certain things that he doesn’t have any memory of at all. He has no memory of his death.

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