Are Nobody 2 And Atomic Blonde 2 Coming Together? Producer Kelly McCormick Provides Updates On The Sequels

87North Productions has made a name for launching potential franchises out of unsuspecting properties. Through smash hits like Nobody and Atomic Blonde, both Bob Odenkirk and Charlize Theron wowed the crowd with what some consider to be some of the best action movies in recent years. 

That success has also left fans of both films wanting sequels, and they are prospects that have been discussed since the initial release of either film. So when the chance to speak with producer Kelly McCormick came up, thanks to the press day for Universal’s Violent Night, I had to ask how Nobody 2 or Atomic Blonde 2 were faring. More specifically, I wanted to know which one was closer at hand.

Bob Odenkirk with a knife.

(Image credit: Universal)

Nobody 2 Is The 87North Sequel That Feels Right On Track

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