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7 Lbs 8 Oz

7lbs 8oz

7lbs 8oz

Courtesy of DP Ino Yang Popper

A young Asian family moves to Jersey City and finds beauty in their newfound community.


An aspiring pilot takes a job as a baggage handler so he can be in close proximity to aircraft.


Clyde faces trauma after his fiancee and his handsome looks are taken away from him in a freak accident.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

The titular quartet of unlikely friends embark on a relatable journey to find home.

La Calesita

A cheerful merry-go-round operator finds joy in spreading cheer to his community.


A young boy keeps watch after a canary in a coal mine but complicates things when he teaches the bird to play dead.

The Cave

A boy yearns for attention from his stoic fisherman father in this stop-motion short.

Christopher at Sea

A young man goes on a trans­atlantic voyage aboard a cargo ship, where he confronts his repressed sexuality and longing.


The short relates a love story between two old cable cars about to be demolished.

Do Not Feed the Pigeons

Do Not Feed The Pigeons

Do Not Feed The Pigeons

Courtesy Of The New Yorker

In a desolate bus station, a group of pigeons bring the place to life and generate peace and joy.

The Flying Sailor

A sailor is launched into the air after two ships crash into each other.

Ice Merchants

Ice Merchants

Ice Merchants

Courtesy Of The New Yorker

A father and son living on a remote cliff parachute to a distant village every morning to sell ice, which they make every day.

Laika & Nemo

Nemo wears a diving suit and bulbous helmet everywhere he goes, and as such finds himself ostracized. Then he meets a real-life astronaut.

Love, Dad

After finding letters from her imprisoned father, a daughter makes a decision to write him back.

More Than I Want to Remember

A young refugee sets out on a quest to find her missing family.

New Moon

A mother and son in West Philadelphia imagine their lives and dreams while the moon shines down upon them.

The Originals

A tightly knit group of friends known as the Union Street Boys reflect on growing up together.


A fisherman, shipwrecked while searching for a mythical isle, meets a mysterious woman whom he suspects could be divine.




Courtesy of Disney

A young ballet dancer struggles with her body image in the studio mirrors.

The Seine’s Tears

In October 1961, a cameraman takes to the streets to document Algerian workers protesting a mandatory police curfew.

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